September 12, 2012

Okay but for real I just need to take a moment:

In what universe does a fully-grown female educator think it is appropriate to make a rape joke?

First of all, it’s incredibly disrespectful considering she knows nothing about her students and our lives - she has no way of knowing whether any of us have been a victim of rape or sexual assault and might find laughing at such things triggering.

Secondly, class time is not the time to make those kind of jokes. Obviously the time to make those jokes is never, but if she truly thinks rape is just fodder for her immature sense of humor, why would she think a professional (for her) setting would be the time and place? I mean, I know why: she doesn’t see a problem with making a remark like that; if asked, she would probably say that she doesn’t actually find rape funny, but guess what?

By choosing to laugh about it, she is part of the problem. She is sending a message that her class is a safe space for those who find rape funny, or acceptable, or the victim’s fault. She is perpetrating rape culture. She is trivializing an incredibly traumatic experience by using it as a way for her to seem “funny”.¬†

Additionally, her choice to refer to men who didn’t participate in blood sports in the Victorian era as “little girly men” is damaging. She is perpetrating antiquated views on masculinity and femininity, as well as the gender roles that go along with those views. The sports world is one of the last bastions of “traditional” masculinity; steps have been taken by some leagues and players to change this, but there is still a long way to go. The fact that an educator would choose to use those words (which she described as “my choice of words”) in a class for 18-22 year old students is completely ridiculous - she, again, is part of the problem.

I’m so sick of people making rape jokes. I’m so sick of people telling me how to be feminine and men how to be masculine. I’m so sick of “girly” being synonymous with “weak”. She should know better. We as a culture should know better.

"When I went to Churchill Downs, I didn’t sit down in the stands where women get raped during races" jfc.

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