September 30, 2014

it does hurt. but not in the way you think it will.

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September 30, 2014

Yeah, with every broken bone,
I swear I lived

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September 29, 2014


i like you for some indiscernible reason:
  17/??marc-andre fleury.

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September 29, 2014

game day, 9/29/14.

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September 29, 2014


some kid in my class wrote an essay about how it never explicitly says Beowulf isn’t a robot

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September 29, 2014

1997 – A two year old Hunter Shinkaruk skating with the Calgary Hitmen.

1997 – A two year old Hunter Shinkaruk skating with the Calgary Hitmen.

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September 29, 2014


Last Night in Ferguson (9.28-9.29): Last night’s protest was one of the in Ferguson this month, proving once again that the residents of Ferguson/STL County are some of the most resilient and inspiring in all the land. The police were literally holding peaceful protesters hostage late into the night (folks who were complying with all police requests) so they could negotiate with the remaining folks to leave, but the protesters didn’t back down. Eventually all arrestees were released, and many plan to be back out there tonight.

Injustice in Ferguson continues, but despite it, community now thrives too. This is still happening. Are you still paying attention? #staywoke #farfromover

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September 29, 2014


NHL Enforcers: Mike Rupp

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September 28, 2014


 I’m a huge supporter of things which annoy misogynistic rich white men

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September 28, 2014




The sun isn’t bright just because I say it is. It just is. It was bright before I even knew the word for bright. I didn’t decide what it is, I acknowledged what it is.

You aren’t worth something just because I say you are. You just are. You were worth something before I even said anything. I didn’t decide that you are, I acknowledged that you are.

This is what I mean when I say “You are worth it.”

This is great.

I have no words.

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